Limited time K40 offer

Which you could drive around undetected to a cops laser?? Now you can with big savings! Don’t be second and miss this deal!
For one person only Save $500 on a K40 system install
The First customer to come in and purchase this K40 will get a free install that covers most vehicles. Ask today about yours.k40 promo

Win this AMP and SUB

This Is a No brainer! Call or stop by today for a chance to win this Amp and Sub. ONLY a single 10 dollar ticket can with you a system worth 2k at full MSRP! Don’t Hesitate on this chance and miss out. We will draw a winner once 200 tickets are sold OR Blackfriday!

winthis sub

Free OFC Amp Kit With Every Amp and Sub Purchased

From now until labor day we will supply a Free wiring kit with every amp and sub purchased through us.
The amp kit will be a matching kit for the amp, you are allowed to upgrade but must pay for the difference.
SRX packages = 10 ga kit
Single Prx packages = 8g kit
dual Prx packages = 4g kit
Single Comp S packages = 8g kit
Dual Comp S packages = 4g kit