Clearance amps

Limited Quantities While Supplies Last


CX300.4,  4 channel amp only $100 Was $229.99 Manufacture Refurbished
CX300.1, 300 watt mono amp only $125 from $175


SRX2.150, 150 watt amp only $80 was $180
SRX1.500, 500 watt mono amp only $130 was $310!
PRX2.50, 100 watt amp only $100 was $240
PRX5.550, 5 channel amp Only $250 was $630!
SA1.300, 300 watt mini amp  Only $100 was $330 Manufacture reconditioned



Lots of clearance speakers One price fits all sizes available about %50 off
All Clearance SRX speakers $30 normally $40-$60

All Clearance PRX speakers $65 Normally $80-$120

All Clearance PRX components $90 normally $150 – $170

All Clearance MClass Speakers $90 Normally $120-$170

Focal PC 165 Retail $540 Sale $300
While supplies last!

Factory Radio Integration

20% off Select Factory radio integration grom pieces.
We have several Grom Audio pieces to integrate Aux in Usb’s or Bluetooth into your factory radio here in stock that we need to get rid of. We have parts to fit Select Nissan, mazda’s, Toyota, BMW, VW, Volvo, and Ford. Please call to find out more info and to see if they will fit your vehicle!